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At we are constantly working to offer our valued customers the best prices on the hotel market. That is how we can guarantee you're always getting the best price at the time of booking

To prove that we always obtain the best price and achieve customer satisfaction, we are continuously subject to supervision and auditing. When we can't achieve our guarantee we are penalised for not reaching our objective.
We have a system that let's us guarantee our commitment to our clients in a simple, clear and useful way. This means that anybody can instantly check that we keep our promise.

"Hotelius Best Price Guaranteed" rights and conditions

• You must make your reservation through
• If you made your reservation through the website you're given a maximum period of 2 hours* from receiving the reservation confirmation email to notify us that the same hotel with the same reservation conditions, room and board, is available at a cheaper price through a different company or even directly through the hotel.
• To prove such, simply send a print screen image or other documentation to the email address or fax +34 93 269 05 30. Our operations and reservations departments will check that the reservation can be made at a lower price than the one given on
• If we find that the Hotelius price is not the lowest under the conditions above, Hotelius promises to match the lowest price and apply a 10% discount to your reservation.
• This guarantee is not valid for: group reservations, early booking rates, and any other rate that has different reservation conditions to those offered by Hotelius.
*Note: The maximum time is 2 hours, considering the frequent price fluctuations (both increasing and decreasing) that hotel prices can undergo. This is the estimated time we take to update our prices and provide the best prices.



- Making reservations through : Each reservation can include up to 4 rooms due to the restrictions given by hotels for availability reasons. If you were to require more than 4 rooms, you must call the reservations department on 902 515 555 to confirm availability for a greater number of rooms. Reservations or several reservations totalling more than 4 rooms made by the same user, in the same hotel for similar dates will not be valid in any case, even though the system confirms them and a confirmation email has been received. Room availability is given in real time. Rooms offered as available may become unavailable in the time between sending the availability request and our central server's response (3-4 seconds) as the database is accessed by more reservation requests than available rooms at the same time.

- Guaranteed reservations: A guaranteed reservation implies that the reservation will be kept for the exclusive use of the customer that made the reservation, for the WHOLE NIGHT, meaning that if the customer does not arrive or make an appearance, he/she will be charged the amount for the first night. The first night is considered to be until 09:00 a.m. of the following day. (Depending on each hotel's cancellation and no-show policy and given exceptional external cases such as important events, these cancellation fees could extend to more than one night. In such cases, the customer will be informed before making the reservation, during the reservation process and also by written confirmation).

- Groups: Reservations for more than 7 rooms are treated as group bookings. The hotel is able to decide whether cancellation conditions, deposits or contract signing apply.

- Taxes: Reservations confirmed by Hotelius include each country's general taxes (VAT or similar). They do not include additional local taxes applied in some destinations. For example: France taxe de séjour; Amsterdam, United Kingdom; Rome; Morocco; United States, etc.

- Complaints: Complaints must be made immediately in writing to Hotelius, by email or fax within one month of the service being rendered to ensure they are filed and dealt with. Once this period has expired Hotelius are exempt from any obligations.

- Acceptance of conditions: By choosing to make reservations through, the user accepts all the conditions described above, in addition to those belonging to each of the destinations operated through our organisation.

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